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Metropole - a "mecca" for Croatian creatives, but according to European standards!

The concept of renting business offices is not new here. But this one, which was located in the center of Zagreb very recently - certainly is! Namely, it is a Swedish model of the company Metropole which after only three years opened its offices here as well, so that's how Metropole Croatia became the first Metropole outside of Stockholm. What distinguishes it from the already seen models of renting business premises? Simply put - every room and every detail of the 600-square-meter office space encourages creativity, because, after all, it is primarily intended for the creative industry within the technology and media industry!

- I fell in love with Zagreb and knew that the first office outside my home country would be in Croatia. Our goal is to gather creative people from different branches in one place and connect the one in Zagreb with the one in Stockholm. We launched the concept at the beginning of 2020, before the start of the pandemic, because we wanted to create offices that do not have a corporate character, but will be for rest and socializing, and will also have everything that creative industries need. Our partner and Croatian composer and producer Siniša Reljić helped us a lot with everything. We researched the market before coming here and it turned out that for there is a great demand for these types of spaces - points out the co-owner of the project, Michel Fannoun, who founded Metropole with his colleague Jimmy Åkerfors and the famous Swedish producer Tony Malm. >

Rent an office - use everything else for free

Many famous names appeared at the opening of this new business project in Zagreb, one of the leading influencers Ella Dvornik, Lidija Bačić, Damir Kedžo, Aljoša Šerić, Patricia Gašparini, Ena Raič, Kristian Marolt, who entertained the guests with a live performance, and representatives of the Swedish companies in Croatia.

Croatia thus became a "mecca" for the creative industry, but according to European standards. A studio for podcast, photography and a music studio will soon be set up inside the space, and 80 people can work there.

- So far, the offices have been rented by a well-known record company and two marketing agencies. The offices can be viewed every day, and since there are a lot of creative people in Croatia, we hope that when they see the space, they will find everything they need in one place without additional costs and with a good team. Because who wants to go to work scowling? – concluded Michel Fannoun.

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