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The Swedish Metropole plans further expansion to cities in Spain, Italy and Slovenia.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Swedish Metropole plans further expansion to cities in Spain, Italy and Slovenia. When the Croatian composer and producer Siniša Reljić accidentally entered the Metropole coworking space in Stockholm last year, his first thought was "at least we have this in Zagreb". His ideas coincided with the plans of the Swedish founders of the innovative office concept for creatives, about the expansion to other EU cities, and so at the beginning of 2023 we got Metropole Zagreb, at the same time the first Metropole outside of Stockholm. It is an office space intended primarily for creative industries within the technology and media industry, although the first tenants come from the energy sector. Capacity for about 80 people After the first 600 square meters in Zagreb's Banjavčićeva Street, expansion will follow at the end of the year, and then the opening of a music studio, we learn from the co-owner of the project, Michel Fannoun, who started Metropol together with his colleague Jimmy Åkerfors 3 years ago. "We launched our concept a little before the start of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020, precisely with the aim of creating offices that do not have a corporate character, which will be for rest and leisure and socializing, and at the same time have facilities intended for creative industries, because this is a segment of the economy that is developing very quickly, faster than the offer of offices that will meet their needs. We chose Zagreb thanks to the excellent cooperation and enthusiasm of our partner Siniša Reljić, but also because we realized through market research that there is a great demand there. Croatia has a lot of talent, and at least 150 companies on the Croatian market can potentially use our services, from video and music production to digital marketing and gaming," Michele Fannoun told us. Metropole in Stockholm very soon after its opening hosted leading Swedish creatives and musicians, Fannoun points out. In Sweden, Metropole spans 4 locations with a total of 3,500 meters and is used by around 300 individuals, although, unlike other coworking spaces, they do not charge rent per person, but per room. Siniša Reljić, co-owner and director of Metropole Zagreb, points out that the capacity of the Zagreb office is around 80 people, but in the coming period, the plan is to expand the space at the same location, as well as equipping it, which has just started. "Our users have an all-inclusive service, everyone who pays the rent has the right to all our additional facilities. Also, by paying for a place in Zagreb, you can use the office in Stockholm for free, if there is room", reveals Reljić On the website of Metropole Zagreb, it is stated that they offer creative offices of various sizes from 10-50 square meters, with several common rooms such as a living room and flexible workstations, meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 15 people, and the offer will soon include a Swedish coffee from Gåshaga. Metropole will have a photo studio and a podcast studio, a private phone booth, a large equipped kitchen, and common spaces for socializing and playing.

Swedish-Croatian cooperation Total investments in Metropole Zagreb are planned in the amount of around 100 thousand euros, and after this location is stabilized, the Swedes' plan is to further expand to other European cities. The first Metropole after Sweden and Croatia will be in Spain, Barcelona or Valencia, Italy and Slovenia are already being seriously considered. "In the next 7-8 years, we want to develop 10-20 Metropole locations across Europe," Hannoun tells us. Also, the development of a mobile application for Metropole users is expected soon, which will enable communication and networking, exchange of locations, use of a digital key. Investors also want to encourage cooperation between Swedish and Croatian creatives, for which they see great potential. Link to article:

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