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Metropole are proud to host 300+ creators within the tech and media-industry. Our offices is built and optimized for freelancers, start-ups and scale-ups within film, photo, music, tech, app & game-development, social media and more. Do you need an office space, just a desk or do you want to be a part of a world wide community within your niche with access to multiple offices around Europe? We got you. 


At Metropole you not only get access to office spaces and studios at Zagrebs best locations, but you also get a network of like minded creative freelancers and every kind of service you could possibly need in order for you to do your best work. We offer offices in various sizes 10-60 sqm with access 24/7, we never charge extra per person and we always want to help our co-workers grow. With flexible (3) month or (1) year agreements and with Zagreb’s best co-working prices where everything is included - and also where everything related to tech and media production is boiling AM to PM inside Metropole's walls, you simply get new business opportunities by just going to work - Isn't that awesome? 


At Metropole you’ll get the chance to brand and design your own office in your own creative way. We always thrive to deliver everything you need in order for you to succeed. Everyone within the team has a big passion for the constant development of making the freelance-climate better and more effective. That’s why we offer in-house services like; photo-studio (upcoming) and podcaststudio (upcoming), community-activities, network-meets and more. 


Let's say you would like to switch up your environment for a week why not visit our offices in Stockholm? It won’t cost you anything extra (of course you'll get great prizes for stay at nearby hotels) and you’ll will simply grow your network just by being a co-worker at Metropole. This is Metropole, the future of freelance co-working.


Metropole promotes driving entrepreneurs and gives them a platform, a network, and premises to operate and grow in to run their business the best way possible. Together we're building the fastest growing creative community in the world. 


Community with likeminded creatives

Photostudio (co-worker prizes)

Podcaststudio (co-worker prizes)

World class service

Lounge areas by The Sofa Store

Flexible lease-agreements 

Great Wi-Fi + ethernet

Free unlimited meeting-rooms

Swedish coffee

Free printer




Great prizes for your collaborators at nearby hotels.

Great prices for parking

We love dogs at Metropole

Afterwork & events

Access 24/7

Pingpong (some of our locations)

Pooltable-lounge (some of our locations)



Gym discounts

Storage possibility

  • Vad är en podcast?
    En röstinspelning som sänds i form av avsnitt, ofta ett avsnitt i veckan. Alla har hört radio och en podcast är nästan samma sak. Skillnaden är att ett podcastavsnitt inte behöver direktsändas eller på en radiokanal.
  • Vad är livestreaming?
    Betyder även direktsändning. Spela in din podcast/vodcast och låt din publik se eller höra dig samtidigt som du spelar in.
  • Vad betyder mastering?
    Att i post-produktion, det vill säga efterbearbetningen, hantera ljudet.
  • Vad betyder redaktionellt arbete?
    Förarbetet av din podcast. Allt från färdigställandet av manus, idé och planeringen av podcasten.
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