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Today we are proud to introduce the Metropole concept in the beautiful city of Zagreb and give everyone the opportunity to join our community. Metropole will be found in multiple world cities and become the obvious choice when it comes to premises for media, marketing, music, game, and tech-companies. We mediate jobs, and content in these branches and provide tenants with the world's largest tech & media community. Regardless if you visit Metropole here in Zagreb or in Stockholm, ​​you will feel deep down - that you as a creative entrepreneur have found a home. Metropole delivers a service and a modell of co-working that's unique and dedicated for creators. The team behind Metropole all come from the creative industry. Through countless projects and productions as freelancers, we have a common basic understanding of the creator's needs and visions. During separate careers, we have built up a knowledge of entrepreneurship and business.


Siniša "Simba" Reljić



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